Graphic/Web Design

The Graphic Design of Christina Major
My love for concept-driven art started as a teenager, and as soon as I took my first graphic design class, I knew that that’s what I had wanted to do.  I’d also been hand-coding a lot of HTML and CSS for personal projects since way back in the late 90’s.  Since getting my degree in Graphic Design, I’ve been a hybrid web and print designer for both agency-style and in-house positions.  Then in 2012, I launched my full-time freelance business, and have been fortunate to receive a lot of work for all kinds of cool clients since!

I believe in well-considered design, and my strengths are in fast turnaround and using the most effective tool for the job, whether that’s print, web, email, webinar, presentation or video. Like a ninja!

In this blog, you’ll see a little bit about my philosophy via my work, about client/designer communication, and connect with the graphic design world.  I have a strong affinity for the internet’s amazing style of communication, so really, the blog was just a matter of time.

You can connect with me on a professional level @designninjitsu on Twitter and my LinkedIn profile. You can also check out my portfolio if you need a designer!


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