Comic Projects and Collaborations


Sombulus Book 1

Now available

A magical world-hopping scavenger is thrown together with a tinkerer who talks to machines and a paladin on a god-given mission to stop him. They travel to strange worlds with flying toasters and immortal kings, and have to rely on each other to solve the problems they find… and the ones they create.

Available in book and digital formats


Kidthulhu: Tales of Madness

Spring/Summer 2015

A collection of short stories about everyone’s favorite little ten year old monster of madness.

More Info

Captain Teeko

Captain Teeko

Spring/Summer 2015

Captain Teeko, a backer-only short story in the Chirault universe created for the Chirault Book 1 Kickstarter.

More Info

Follow me on @delphina2k and Tumblr to see more news about these and other projects. You can also read my fantasy adventure webcomic every Tuesday and Thursday at!


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